Articles on Warmblood Horses

  • Teaching Horses to Keep Calm
  • Theories abound on how best to help a horse overcome its natural instinct to fear unusual things. Research is now demonstrating which training methods produce the best results.

  • Posting or Sitting Trot – Which is Better?
  • Equestrians generally believe that posting is better than sitting while trotting, as it puts less strain on the horse’s back. New research techniques now enable scientists to evaluate whether such commonly held assumptions are indeed true.

  • Training Routines for Dressage Horses
  • The typical strategies for training dressage horses in the United Kingdom was revealed from a survey of over 2500 riders.

  • Young Horses Fair Better With a Friend
  • Horses undergo a lot of stress if they’re suddenly left alone in a stall, research confirms.

  • Synthetic Horseshoes Reduce Impact
  • Lame or arthritic horses may get relief by wearing plastic horseshoes, a recent study suggests.

  • No Two Hoof Trims Alike
  • When scientists took a detailed look at the work of farriers, they discovered striking variations in the size and shape of freshly-trimmed horse hooves.

  • When Horses Have Trouble Getting Along
  • Horses are particularly prone to getting injured in scuffles when there’s a change in stabling arrangements, a study concludes.

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