About Horse Science News

The questions about horse training, behavior and care that puzzle equine enthusiasts also intrigue scientists. Their research findings offer new insights for horse owners, riders and trainers.

With Horse Science News, you can easily learn about what those scientists are discovering. Here you'll find informative and concise summaries of published data and research papers.

About the Author

Liz Osborn

Science writer and horse lover Liz Osborn is the person behind Horse Science News. "There's a gold mine of interesting and useful information buried in the scientific literature," says Liz. "I want to spread the nuggets of knowledge among horse fans, riders and owners."

Liz draws from her science background and insatiable curiosity to ferret out the facts. She has studied at universities in Canada and United States, earning two masters degrees along the way.

Besides covering equine topics, Liz enjoys writing about environmental research at Current Results.

She lives with her family, including horses, in rural British Columbia, Canada. As well as learning lots from science, Liz finds that her horses are always teaching her something new.

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